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The Toy Shop has been a Sonoma "go-to" since 1978. This store is fun for all ages, with a wide selection of unique toys and games jam-packed into easy to browse sections. The Toy Shop staff enjoys helping you find the right item for any occasion. And can recommend suggestions of popular toys, age-based options, and even personal staff favorites.

Locally owned and operated by three separate women over it's existence, each of The Toy Shop owners has helped to expand the store into something even better for the next generation. What once started as a small space "with a fun window design" has grown robustly into the ever-expanding store it is today. Current owners, Joe and Michelle Boldt, grew up in and raised their family in Sonoma, and pride themselves in owning a store that is both work and also tons of FUN. Michelle has worked at The Toy Shop for over twenty years, and after she and Joe bought the business together in June of 2016 the couple has continued to expand their ever-growing customer base.


Come browse The Toy Shop's wide selection, register for an upcoming birthday party or baby shower, play at the community train table, and find gifts for just about anyone in your life! And...The Toy Shop GIFT WRAPS FOR FREE! Come on in and visit today!

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